Somerville Arts Council and the Inside-OUT Gallery present
An SOS Artist Members’ Showcase Exhibit 

Tuesday, April 18 – Wednesday, May 17, 2023
CVS display windows, One Davis Square (Map #11)

Bounce Somerville: a hub of creative energy. It is an active pulse that reflects, engages, and responds to our environment. It is through this mantra that Somerville Open Studios community has adapted, pivoted, and now ready to bounce back with its trademark rigor, bringing art to the masses. In the spirit of this theme, we ask applicants to explore ways the art can bounce, reflect, bloom, or change direction. Artists are invited to interpret this theme in a variety of ways– such as lively depictions of urban life, reflective landscapes, playful sculptures, or cerebral abstract explorations. Whatever the medium, we look forward to seeing your creative interpretations. 

So, it’s time to bounce back and spring forward into another exciting Somerville Open Studios weekend.

This year’s exhibit features SOS 2023 artists Sandra Allik, Aliza Arzt, Clint Attebery, Jim Baab, Nina Berkowitz Bock, Robert Boyer, Sarah Carlson, Lily Chylek, Jonathan Donahue, Alison Drasner, Ario Elami, Samantha Paris Estes, Rachel Sheerah Freudenburg, Yildiz Grodowski, Gina Halstead, Dominique Lecomte, Adam Leveille, Pauline Lim, Claire Lima, Melissa London, Monique McNally, Karen Molloy, Julie Peck, Nevena Pilipović-Wengler, Judith Prager, Sebastian Rizzon, Hilary Scott, Amy Stein, Emily Valenza, and Renee Zale.