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Somerville Open Studios (SOS) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of producing an annual open studio and related events in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Through its programming, SOS gives access to the work of visual artists living and working in the city of Somerville. We provide opportunities to view art made within the community; to interact with local artists; and to have access to artists’ working spaces. Our goal is to broaden the public’s exposure to, and appreciation of, finished works of art as well as the art-making process. This exposure both educates the community and raises awareness of the diverse artistic experience available in Somerville.

Somerville Open Studios is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of participating artists. An Open Studios executive committee is formed each year to organize the event. This committee is assisted by many dedicated volunteers. New volunteers are always welcome. Please contact us if you would like to become involved!

2021 Staff

Artist-Relations and Membership
Jennifer Koerber

Timeline Managers
Terry Dovidio, Peter Belford

Promotion / Social Media
Zoe Rath

Promotion / Traditional Media
Thea Paneth (lead), Anne Johnstone, Nancy Anderson

Graphic Design
Terry Dovidio, Katya Popova

Website and Databases
Matt Carrano, Aram Comjean (lead), Jennifer Koerber,
Ron Newman, Katya Popova, Raj Raman

Volunteer Coordinators
Tedesco (lead) THIS COULD BE YOU!

Volunteer Show
Christina Tedesco, Hilary Scott

Beyond the Pattern Fashion Show
Mikka Goldberg, Consuelo J Perez, JoAnne Coppolo,
Martha Friend

Inside-Out Gallery Show
Heather Balchunas, Hilary Scott

Armory Community Space
Melissa London, Seth Berkowitz, Matt Carrano

Trolley Coordinators
Matt Kaliner

Business and Corporate Relations
Sarah Carlson (lead), Stan Eichner, Pat Iverson
Christina Tedesco

Special Projects
Hilary Scott (Honk! Parade)

2021 SOS Board of Directors

Hilary Scott, president
Peter Belford, treasurer
Terry Dovidio, clerk

Aram Comjean, John Haiduk, Matt Kaliner
Thea Paneth, Katya Popova


Somerville Open Studios was born in the winter of 1999 when two Somerville artists, Jonathan Derry and Laura Fayer, decided that there was a need for a city wide open studio event that could provide a venue for artists working out of their homes and small studio buildings, as well as those in larger and established buildings, to exhibit their work to the public. After placing a call to artists throughout the city, an inaugural planning committee was formed to organize the first annual Somerville Open Studios to take place during the first weekend of May that year. SOS 1999 featured just over 80 artists exhibiting at 25 sites throughout the city. In the sixteen years since, SOS has grown to become one of the largest events of its kind in the country with over 400 participating artists displaying their work every spring.

In 2001 we introduced the first SOS online artist directory to allow visitors to better plan their tour by previewing artist work online. In 2002 the first Artist’s Choice exhibit was held at the Somerville Museum to give visitors a further opportunity to see a wide selection of Somerville artists’ work in a single venue. In 2004 Somerville Open Studios became a Massachusetts non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing access to artists and exposing the public to the wide variety of art-making activities taking place in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts.

The Volunteers that make SOS happen got a special group show dedicated to their work, starting in SOS of 2011. In SOS of 2012 a group of Somerville clothing designers and creators approached SOS to launch the first SOS runway Fashion Show. Likewise Somerville Community Access Television coordinated an SOS Film Festival to run in conjunction with SOS. Each of these initiatives have brought more attention to the deep and diverse arts community that thrives in the City of Somerville.

In 2012, SOS also for the first time expanded to three days, with some artists opting to open their studios for three hours on Friday evening. Starting in 2013, SOS has presented a Kids’ Art Show in the Armory Cafe. While experiencing steady growth, we have striven to keep the event inclusive and diverse. In this spirit, we welcome artists who are exhibiting for the first time to show next to established professionals. We work hard to make a place for artists working out of their home studios as well as those who are part of large studio buildings. While doing this we continue to look for new ways to build community and make connections between visual artists and the people of Somerville.

2021 Press Advisory

Image: Valerie Imparato

Image: Elizabeth Thach “Museum”

For Immediate Release

Somerville Open Studios 2021 Goes Virtual and Outdoor

Publicity Email:

Public Information:
Somerville Open Studios
General Information:

Somerville Open Studios, a city-wide traditional open studios event across the city of Somerville, Massachusetts will hold a virtual open studios and an outdoor art fair with member artists the first weekend in May from noon until 6 pm.

Artists will be available in individual booths through an online platform to display artwork and talk with visitors on May 1 and 2 from noon to 6 pm

Outdoor spaces for the masked/distanced art loving public to visit some artists in person will be set up outdoor art-fair style on Saturday May 1 (Rain-date Sunday May 2) from noon to 6, see the website for locations.

The Somerville Open Studios website ( is updated with over 250 participating artists in all art mediums (books + paper, collage, drawing, fiber + textiles, furniture, glass + mosaics, graphic design, installation, jewelry + beads, mixed-media, painting, photography, pottery, printmaking, sculpture, video), artists recent work and video introductions of artists, so that visitors can become acquainted with SOS artists and their work.

Exhibits of Somerville Open Studios Artists:

Inside-Out at 1 Davis Square (CVS windows), Somerville through May 16, 2021
Bow Market at 1 Bow Market Way (Union Square), Somerville through June 27, 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit of Somerville Open Studios artists opens May 1: Powderhouse Pop-Up Gallery at 862 Broadway, Somerville, check website for dates.

Some Artist Buildings will have artists set up in their parking lots or on the sidewalk. Check the SOS website and the websites for the artists buildings: Artisans Asylum, Brickbottom, Joy Street, Mad Oyster, Mix-It Print Studios, Mudflat Pottery School, Vernon Street, Washington Street Art Center for more information. Individual artists may be setting up outdoors, check the SOS website for more information.