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Yildiz Grodowski

Abstract Paintings & Ceramics


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art by somerville artistYildizGrodowski titledMind Games
Mind Games Acryli/Mixed Media 20”x20”
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Artist's Statement

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey Yildiz Grodowski resides in USA and combines both cultures in her art. She is an abstract expressionist, painting with acrylic and watercolor. Dancing and painting are her passion. “Places and relationships inspire me. In my art materials are not as important as are the ideas and the expressions! And the interpretation of those ideas” she says. 

An international award winner, Yildiz holds an BFA & MFA from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, an MS from Boston University, and a Certificate Degree from NH Institute of Art. 

She is a member of multiple Art Associations. Her work is exhibited in solo and group shows, and collected both nationally and internationally.

P.S. This is a short version. A more complete one can be found on my website. Thank you.

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