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illusionistic & figurative

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art by somerville artistJimBaab titledRed pepper and Brussels sprout AKA Vegetarian Nude
Red pepper and Brussels sprout AKA Vegetarian Nude Poster 20" x 30" and smaller
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    Not Participating in2022 Open Studios Event

Artist's Statement

Welcome! My name is Jim Baab. I am an amateur photographer who has participated in Somerville Open Studios’ annual event since 2013. I have no studio and my equipment is pretty basic, yet, my experiments with light, line and illusion, including my Instagram photos, have won awards and been chosen for juried exhibitions in the United States and Europe. I am passionate about the human form, food, and geometry and, sometimes, those themes converge. One example would be my oldest illusion shot on film: a still-life, a nude, a portrait of a red pepper and Brussels sprout that was inspired by Edward Weston’s ‘Pepper No. 30’.

Some of the most fun I have had working with the human form was working with models during workshops offered by local photographer Karin Rosenthal who is known for her splendid imagery that merges the nude with the landscape and the elements. Photos that I produced in 2014 during one of her workshops won me a Gold Artist award and write up in ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal. Additional images of mine were published in the same journal the following year. 

My more recent explorations in seeing things differently utilize macro modes and/or a built-in reflection effect - like a live Rorshach Test - a true glimpse into my mind’s eye. Many of these were produced in the kitchen or dining room and some were made outdoors, including a series that gives literal faces to an over 110 year old tree residing in the Rijksmuseum garden in Amsterdam.

If you would like to learn more about my work or make a purchase, please contact me or visit my web site.

Thank you for supporting local artists!

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