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Aliza Arzt

ceramics; living art: geckos


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art by somerville artist Aliza  Arzt titled  Gecko and Corn
Gecko and Corn Living Art & Ceramics

2021 Events

  • In Person (May 1, 12-6, raindate May 2)
    - 104 Josephine Avenue

Artist's Statement

I have been hand-building ceramics at Mudflat since 2004 and enjoy making small sculptures and “visual pun” pieces as well as some functional items and Judaica craft pieces.  For 13 years I also engaged in creating "living art” —developing beautiful colors and patterns in geckos through selective breeding.  Sadly, due to a contagious (not to humans) parasite, my breeding days are over, but I still maintain quite a number of impressive specimens from all over the world that thrive in their natural habitats within my home.  The cages also contain a number of my ceramic pieces which serve as both functional items and habitat enhancements.

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