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Samantha Paris Estes

Abstract paintings

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art by somerville artistSamanthaParis Estes titledUniverse
Universe Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40
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Artist's Statement

I'm a versatile art director, graphic designer, and fine artist with over twenty years' experience building compelling brands and design solutions across multiple platforms. On the flip side, my passion for art doesn’t stop at the office; I'm dedicated to painting and creating abstract works in acrylic and mixed media. 

I usually paint with no plan initially, unless it's a custom piece, and let the work take shape over time. I may have a concept or technique I want to implement during a piece's creation but let the work happen organically.  I tend to paint with my emotions and feel art is my freedom away from the confinements of corporate branding guidelines and target markets. I believe being both a fine artist and art director gives me a unique perspective on both my corporate work and my paintings.

My paintings are expressive, colorful and texture heavy. 

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