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TMA Style

Rachel Freudenburg

artful houseplant displays


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art by somerville artistRachelFreudenburg titledCopper Chain
Copper Chain found metal, copper wire, glass beads 16"x9"
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Artist's Statement

TMA Style’s mission is to combine art and plants, and to do so in a way that responds to the realities of Somerville’s urban landscape. We do this is two ways.


1. We make plant environments that fit into the small spaces where most of us live: tiny globe gardens that fascinate and delight us. The plants we use are propagated in our home, and specially selected to survive inside, in rooms without a lot of sunlight. Our globes are easy to care for because they are suited to interior conditions.


2. Alternatively, we make air plant holders out of metal found and collected on the streets of Somerville. From heaps of scraps—bits of wire and hardware—we create something beautiful, joyful and alive. These works ask the questions: can industrial waste be reclaimed by nature? can plants survive among the discarded shards of today’s cities?  

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