SOS 2024 Inside-Out Gallery Show

CVS Windows • One Davis Square (Map #E1)
April 19 – May 20, 2024

This year’s Inside-Out Gallery show celebrates the silver anniversary of Somerville Open Studios, with artists reflecting on what SOS has meant to them over the past 25 years. To view some of the selected responses, visit

The show includes works by Aliza Arzt, Clint Attebery, Jim Baab, Robert Boyer, Liv Cappello, Alison Drasner, Stan Eichner, Yildiz Grodowski, Michael Kersh, Pauline Lim, Melissa London, Charles Daniels Photography, Samantha Paris Estes, Julie Peck, Judith Prager, Hilary Scott, Nicholas Shectman, and Stephanie Vecellio.