SOS 2023 Locavore Show: Good Enough to Eat!

Neighborhood Produce display window
691 Broadway • Ball Square (Map #26)
Saturday, April 29 – Sunday, May 14, 2023

localvore show picture

Whether we have too much, just enough or too little, food is a crucial part of our daily lives.  It brings us together with its luscious smells, textures and variety. Here in Somerville our community works together to ensure that everyone has enough to eat and enjoy. We are blessed to have food from all over the world, available all year round, which we can be found at supermarkets, neighborhood markets, food pantries, farmers markets and community fridges. 

The focus of this Locavore show is on the provision of food and groceries. This includes portrayal of the food itself, as well as food insecurity, sourcing food, shopping or providing food.

SOS 2023 artists featured in this show are Aliza Arzt, Jim Baab, Sarah Dudek, Stan Eichner, Julia Emiliani, Mas Graher, Suzi Grossman, Michael Kersh, Dominique Lecomte, Melissa London, Jane Long, Debra Olin, Nevena Pilipović-Wengler, Katya Popova, John Rice, and Mary Sullivan.

The Locavore show is viewable from outside the store window, and is therefore accessible.

Neighborhood Produce is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm.