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Katya Popova

Mixed media


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art by somerville artist Katya  Popova titled  Afternoon
Afternoon Watercolor on paper 10.5"x7"

2021 Events

  • BoothCentral (May 1 + 2, 12pm - 6pm )
        BoothCentral website
  • Inside Out Gallery (through May 16, 2021)
        1 Davis Square (CVS windows)
        Artist Listing
  • Small Works Show (May 1 to June 27)
        1 Bow Market Way (Union Square), 2nd floor, space #26
        Artist Listing
  • Digital Bloom (April 30th, 7pm)
        Online (Topia)
        Artist Listing

Artist's Statement

I started painting landscapes very early, in Moscow, where I attended art school. Work from observation “en plain air” helped to connect to other environments and landscapes later on, here in the USA. Watercolor became my favorite medium, where the color transformation and mood are often dictated by chance and its fluid texture, opening a door to the abstract experience of color form, and the expression of the emotional state of its context. The fast-paced process—"alla prima" dictates the immediacy of my reflections and helps me to stay in a moment. Its ephemeral qualities inspire my temporal and installation work.

At Booth Central 12-3 pm on Sunday, May 2.

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