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Katya Popova

Mixed media


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art by somerville artistKatyaPopova titledSpatial 1
Spatial 1 Ink, watercolor 16x20"
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Artist's Statement

I started painting landscapes very early, in Moscow, where I attended art school. Work from observation “en plain air” helped to connect to environments and landscapes later on, here in the USA. Independent of the medium, I focus on expressing the mood of the moment, its atmosphere. For me, the ephemeral quality of things is better conveyed through watercolor on paper, or cardboard surfaces. The fast-paced process dictates the immediacy of my reflections and helps me to stay in the moment. 

In my temporal work, I dwell at the intersection of physical texture, shadow, and sound to explore what could have been by tracing the physical gestures and material qualities of everyday things. I often collaborate with sound artists. 

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