2022 Map Changes and Corrections

After our printed map went to press, these artists withdrew from SOS 2022:

Behind The Mask Studio/Theatre (map #8) will be open Saturday only, April 30.

The artists at SomerNova (map #56), an outdoor location, will be open Saturday only, April 30.
Firefly Arts Collective will remain open at SomerNova until 10 pm on Saturday.

Peggy Badenhausen (Miller Street Studios, map #33) and Anne Russell (Mad Oyster Studios, map #66) will be open Sunday only, May 1.

The printed map shows incorrect locations for two studios:

  • Lunch City Studio (265 Washington Street, map #63) is on the north side of Washington Street, just west of Union Square.
  • Diana Flores (10 Florence Street, map #74) is on the west side of Florence Street, just north of Washington Street.

Both of these studios have their correct locations shown on the online SOS map.

To see which artists are showing at outdoor locations, take a look at this Facebook post.

We have an updated printable map that you can download, whose listings indicate artist locations that we know to be outdoors.