Call for Art: 2024 SOS Locavore “Art unleashed!”

SOS Locavore “Art Unleashed!”
April 27 – May 11, 2024
Scritches & Boops, 62C Summer Street
Exhibit Theme: Art FOR dogs, think outside the crate!
Submission deadline: extended to April 17, 2024.

We are seeking art that dogs will enjoy – art they can see, watch, smell, or play with. Any medium is welcome except performance art or food-based – this includes paintings, sculptures, prints, interactive, etc. A monitor can be made available for video art. Scented and interactive art must be safe for pets. Please do not include any food or edible materials in your artwork due to risks of food sensitivities. See below for tips.

This is a closed call for 2024 SOS member artists. Both participating and sustaining 2024 members are welcome to submit. Please note that this is a juried exhibition and not all submitted work will be accepted. 

Selected work must be available from April 24-May 10. 

Submission deadline has been extended to April 17, 2024

Submissions: Please send up to 3 JPEGs of the available artwork (or a short video preview of interactive/video works) along with the following information for each image: 

  1. Artist name & Contact Info (phone & e-mail)
  2. Title of the piece
  3. Description of Medium
  4. Complete accurate dimensions (length, width, depth)

Please submit files and completed information to and include “Locavore: Art Unleashed” in the subject line. 

You are not required to make new pieces for this show; if you have anything in your archives that would elicit wags, we’d love for you to submit it! However, if you want to create something new specifically for this show – color, visual contrast, and detail matter for pups.

Here are some tips for appealing to the canine viewer:

Color – Dogs can’t see the full spectrum of colors as they experience dichromatic vision – rendering shades of orange, red, and green indistinguishable (similar to human red-green color blindness). At the same time, yellow and blue are easily visible. 

Visual Contrast – Dogs have difficulty discerning between things when there is a lack of or low contrast. To grab their attention, amplify the contrast between dark and light, e.g., a light ball on dark grass or a dark ball on light grass, etc. Detail – Similar to their struggle with contrast, dogs also struggle to make out fine details. Think simple or bold, avoiding fine details in the piece’s primary focus, allowing them to better visually process the artwork.