2021 Event Sign Up

The deadline for selecting ways in which you will participate is Sunday, Apr 4

More on each option follows, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that all artists log in to their SOS account and select events to participate in as soon as possible but no later than the end of the day Sunday, April 4.  We need this information so we can take planning and promotional steps that are critical to the event.



Note!  Virtual events will be held on both Saturday and Sunday, May 1 and 2 from noon until 6 pm.

Artist’s Images – Please upload eight images to your SOS profile page.  Not only do these improve the SOS website artist directory, but we will use these to post to Instagram and Facebook promoting you and the event.

BoothCentral – Each artist has a page (“booth”) where they can display images of their work, chat with guests who “enter” the booth, or schedule an artists’ talk, demo or whatever other inventive things may come to mind.  If you have a few outdoor visitors, that would enliven your BoothCentral presence.  For those that missed this in earlier emails, check out the BoothCentral demo here:http://bit.ly/BC-SOS21.  SOS will provide information on how to set up a booth, which is relatively straightforward.

SOS Artist’s Video We urge you to record a short 1-3 minute video of your studio or work that we can upload to the SOS YouTube channel.  Artists have sold work from these cross-platform venues. If you have an Instagram account please post this video and tag #somervilleopenstudios.  You can also post this video as part of your booth on BoothCentral. View our Artist Videos page for tips and help.

Outdoor In-Person

Note! In-person events will be held on Saturday May 1 from noon to 6 pm.  Sunday May 2 from noon to 6 pm will be the rain date.  However, these options could be cancelled due to state or city pandemic restrictions or inclement weather both days. Pop-up tents are encouraged for those showing outside their studio or home. SOS outdoor group display tents will be provided to those who don’t own a pop-up tent. 

SOS Outdoor Group Displays -The locations have not yet been finalized but we’re working with the city to obtain the necessary permits. For those of you familiar with the SOS “community space” held at the Armory each year, this will be similar except that it will be held outdoors. We have priced out large tents that could hold a limited number of artists. Artists will be responsible for easels or other means of displaying their work. We are working on providing electrical power and wi-fi. 

Outdoor Display at Your Studio or Home – Artists may set up a display outside their studio or home following state and city mandated COVID protocols.  We will provide an online map and do our best to publicize this option to generate traffic.  Pop up tents are encouraged and will help with visibility in addition to providing shade or weather protection. 


Virtual SOS Opening – We’ll be hosting a virtual opening party on the Thursday before SOS weekend.  This will take place in Topia (requires Chrome browser), a virtual world that allows for natural interaction with those that are near you in the virtual space… it’s a lot of fun!  This will mainly be for participating artists, friends and family but it will be open to the public as well.  A Topia demo video is here: http://bit.ly/TopiaHelp