SOS at the honk parade


Volunteer Opportunities – Somerville Open Studios 2024

Somerville Open Studios happens each year because of the efforts of a group of talented and dedicated volunteers. Won’t you consider joining us? There are opportunities available for people with a variety of skills and interests. See the descriptions below for a better idea about what we do. Volunteer roles are flexible based on time availability.

Fill out the SOS 2024 Volunteer Opportunities form or email to learn how you can help!

SOS Planning Groups

There are many different ways to help make Somerville Open Studios happen. It’s a great way to apply your prior experience or to learn new skills. Below is a sampling of volunteer roles. Planning Groups are self organizing to promote sharing and collaboration.


  • Build volunteer pools
  • Match volunteers with team leads/tasks and be in regular contact with team leads
  • Ensure that volunteers are communicated with in an efficient manner
  • Ensure that volunteers are followed up with after helping out
  • Research and implement option for easy online volunteer sign-up


  • Oversee Sponsorship timeline
  • Solicit Sponsorship
  • Donations/trades (food, other resources)
  • Collaborating with “extension space” to think about new group spaces that can take place in
    local businesses (ex. WorkBar.)


  • Find volunteers, manage times (art drop off etc.) and submit graphic and permit needs
  • First Look Exhibit
  • Volunteer Show
  • Inside Out Gallery
  • Kids & Teens Art Show
  • Artwear: The SOS Fashion Show
  • Other shows proposed and run by participating artists


  • Design trolley route – incorporating any construction and route changes.
  • Work with Somerville Parking along with timeline Manager.
  • Reserve trolleys (3 handicap) and work out contract with the Trolley Company.
  • Organize the install and breakdown of trolley stop signs.

PROMOTIONS (Social Media)

  • Construct and implement a timeline of overall promotion on various social media platforms.
  • Connect with the Graphics Lead to ensure consistency (Facebook, etc.)
  • Create and/or collect content (articles, interviews, artist tips, visitor tips) to be posted on a
    new “content” section of the SOS website.
  • Strategically place articles into social media, which would then link readers back to the SOS
    web site. Example: Create an article offering tips on navigating SOS weekend with children and
    place in local “parent” FB groups.

PROMOTIONS (Traditional Media)

  • Implementing an existing media strategy and timeline. SOS ad placement in local business
  • web/ print/radio
  • Generation and placement of articles and listings in newspapers and news sites to promote
    SOS weekend.
  • Seek/create opportunities to use the press to feature SOS in other ways throughout the year
    such as artist profiles or artist solo shows, etc.


  • Approve and reply to new member registrations
  • Answer questions regarding membership
  • Studio buildings, home studio and individual artist liaisons


  • Get insurance and table rentals
  • Organize participating artists
  • Assign spaces and work on layout


  • Work with registration to signup members and maintain membership rolls online.
  • Make Artist’s profiles and maps available online via website.
  • Work with Sponsorship to make sponsors available on website.
  • Integrating with social media.


  • Coordinates content with other planning groups
  • Artist Data formatting for import, proofing
  • Work with webmaster to assign map numbers
  • Submit final text and data to graphics Designer


  • Ensure consistency in all design/graphics
  • Poster/Map Book/Flyers/Postcards
  • Graphics offered to artists online
  • Graphics used in social or traditional media
  • Graphics displayed on the SOS web site


  • Poster/postcard/map placement in local businesses and companies in Somerville and beyond
  • Map book/Poster distribution to artists, volunteers and businesses
  • Distribution beyond city of Somerville