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art by somerville artist MARJORIE  NICHOLS titled  Deck Sans Oak Series / GREEN CLOUDS
Deck Sans Oak Series / GREEN CLOUDS Digital Fine Art, Edition of 9 7 x 7 or 11 x 11 and archival borders, signed en v

Artist's Statement


These Abstractions are my dirty little secret.  

                                                  The series is titled “Deck Sans Oak”.

The hundred or so years old oak reached out from next to my deck and touched or nearly touched houses around it and across the street.  Visitors to my apartment said I lived in a tree house. Only plants labeled “Shade/Part Shade” would grow on the deck or in the urban size garden below.

That June I woke several times through the night to mysterious sounds. At 9 a.m. neighbors rang the bell and very strongly suggested I move my car. One had been walking by, across the street, when leaves of a branch brushed his head. Firetrucks were called, the street roped off. So began the trimming and, over a week, was the final removal of the tree that joined our homes.

We had an impromptu party the night before the most serious of the saws was scheduled. We half jokingly called it “The Tree Huggers” party.

A huge gap in the neighborhood. 

A 180º view from my deck.

Fascinated by the open sky and view of the clouds which the oak had bequeathed, I nightly photographed the changing scene. One of those nights, to get away from other thoughts, I got lost in exploring ways to alter the original images. Some clouds remain recognizable, others became total abstractions.

For all that I missed about having a tree house, I loved the new view and the new interpretations. My dirty little secret is not so secret any more. A neighbor is eyeing a print for a gift.

Thank you for looking ~

For questions and to purchase, contact me directly ~

Prints start at

$200 for the 7 x 7 on approx 8.5 x 8.5 archival matte paper

$400 for the 11 x 11 on approx 12 x 15 archival matte paper

Some of these prints and others from the series may also be seen, when reopens, at

Joseph Carrol & Sons Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave in the SOWA Art District of Boston, MA.


617 776 6320


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