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Christina Tedesco

The human body


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art by somerville artist Christina  Tedesco titled  The "Playground Project" The swing
The "Playground Project" The swing Sharpie, Gesso, Gouache 6X6

Artist's Statement

My work deals with the contrast between balance and imbalance, control and the lack there of. Specifically, I explore the movement of the human body through space and time. My interest in the nature of the human form comes from living with cerebral palsy a physical disability. Over the years I have developed two caricatures that have allowed me to show how I see my body. The two caricatures often look like an adult helping a child or two friends. One caricature acts as my cerebral palsy, the other caricature as my personality. The caricatures can stand alone or become one. My work tells a story, with many small moments that show the passage of time. All my paintings, drawings, and illustrations are pieces of this story.

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