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Bekka Teerlink

Magical realist paintings

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art by somerville artistBekkaTeerlink titledNews from Planet Earth
News from Planet Earth Acrylic on Canvas 30x30
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Artist's Statement

I start by sitting here, inside my skin, in the present moment, in this world. What happened here before I existed here, and what will happen after? I take fragments of observations, memories, day dreams, anxieties of the future. Collect, rearrange, overlay. There is so little time, yet so much of it too. I want to hold onto this present moment, as transient as it is. Celebrate the beauty of everything that cannot be separated from the fear that all things pass, all things come to an end. Even as I try to paint this, the world shifts under my feet, disquieting clouds approach, a moment passes and a new one arrives. But does it matter in a spinning, cold universe filled with 200 billion trillion burning stars?

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