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Richard Chase

Various forms of photography

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art by somerville artistRichardChase titledButterfly
Butterfly archival inkjet print 9x23"
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Artist's Statement

I've been a photographer for a long time. I like to shoot straight ahead classical B&W and color images. I also like to use various photoshop filters and brushes to turn an image into something quite different from it's original state. I like to make photomontages. My interests are wide ranging but always aimed at one thing -- making beautiful prints. 

You can see a variety of publcations I have done at

I have several blog sites., and There are links to others on those sites.

And, just so you know, due to upcoming house renovations and the subsequent loss of wall space, I will be selling a lot of work at clearance sale prices ranging from $75 for matted but unframed prints to $300 for matted and framed poster sized prints.  


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