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Laurinda Bedingfield

Dinosaurs and Abstract Art

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art by somerville artist Laurinda  Bedingfield titled  Idiopathic
Idiopathic glow wire, acrylic paint and pen/crayon on Paper 32"X 24"X2"
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Artist's Statement

I am showing outside in my backyard in a dinosaur habitat... complete with volcano and a 9' tall tee rex skeleton and other creatures.

As for the hanging art...I use acrylic paints and collage to create abstract narratives. A piece may use humor and/or absurdity to some degree. I had a playful attitude towards the work for this exhibit.  I love to experiment and push boundaries.  That is the approach I have taken in creating these works that relate to the theme of "Abstracting my world".   My work is for sale today.  But not the dinosaurs!

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