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Diane Novetsky Studio

Diane Novetsky

Abstract Paintings on Canvas

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art by somerville artist Diane  Novetsky titled  Chariot of Bronze
Chariot of Bronze acrylic on canvas 60" x 54"

2021 Events

Artist's Statement

My work explores a somatic vocabulary of biomorphic forms evocative of the female body.  Bulbous, sensual, and whimsical shapes reference Art Nouveau, sixties psychedelia and early Modernism. Vignettes appear, from the erotic or sensual, to the mundane or comic. The connection of symmetry to the human body and its power to evoke an iconic sense of space are ongoing investigations.

Symmetry resonates with me due to its association with sacred art. It also serves to contain the high energy of the color and arabesque forms; providing a needed balance. Historically symmetry represented an ideal of beauty. My work departs from perfect symmetry in exchange for unpredictability and surprise.

Crisp contours are painted, freehand, into lush, flat surfaces that suggest spatial ambiguities. Unmodulated surfaces of saturated jewel color contrast to vertical pours. The pours resemble flowing tributaries; they envelop shapes and flow freely on passages of color. The synthetic palette of sulphurous yellow, neon orange and iridescent greys find counterparts in earthy greens, violets and reds oxides.

Images from observation, memory and the history of art serve as the source material for my painting. My work considers natural forms as well as digital imagery from our ubiquitous screens, finding inspiration in both worlds.

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