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Evening Hawk


wonders of the natural world

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art by somerville artisteHawk titledBison latifrons
Bison latifrons digital illustration 8"x8"
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Events 2024

  • Open Studios (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    Map# 45
    Arts at the Armory
    191 Highland Avenue
    Accessible Location Accessible (self reported)
  • Volunteer Small Works Show
    (April 12 - May 20, 2024)
    Forge Baking Company, 626 Somerville Ave. (Map #E3)
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Artist's Statement

eHawk (Alana Rivera) has always had a passion for making art and nerding out about nature. A childhood fear of bugs transformed into a deep fascination with biology and science. Find comics, print designs, book art, sculptures and animations with an eye towards conveying the fun and creepy parts of nature.

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