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Jeff Fullerton

Night and Long Exposure Photos

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art by somerville artist Jeff  Fullerton titled  Clarendon View, Boston, MA, 2018
Clarendon View, Boston, MA, 2018 Inkjet on Matte Paper 10x15

2021 Events

Artist's Statement

My photography is best referred to as long exposures. This is a relative term, in that the exposures may be anywhere from 2 seconds to 7 hours. Over the years, I have used an old 35mm Nikon, a shutter release cable, and a tripod to capture late night or early morning scenes. More recently, a Nikon D80 and a D7000 have provided the means for capturing images in the dark. The images provide a view of structures, skylines and events with unique lighting conditions in the hours between sunset and sunrise. My photos cover many travels to distant countries. This year I will also be showing photos from Echelon art installation over the Greenway and the lunar eclipse from around Boston. Other photos include local and international landmarks, such as the Zakim Bridge in Boston, Washington Monument, the Hancock Tower, mountains of Canada, streaking stars (demonstrating the rotation of the earth) over Arizona, overpasses in Dallas, fireworks on the Charles and skylines of Boston and Riga, Latvia. Most images are printed on 10x15 or 11x14 paper to enhance the viewing experience; a handful of images are printed on 16x24 photo paper. In addition, I handcraft the frames from salvaged wood collected from various sources to complete the presentation. Stop by to see this year's collection with several new images from this past year.

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