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Elsa The Fool

Elsa Ramsay

mixed media

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art by somerville artistElsaRamsay titledFlorynz
Florynz Mask, clay
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Events 2024

  • Studio Not Open For SOS  2024

  • Artwear: The SOS 2024 Fashion Show
    (Thurs, May 2 • Doors  6 pm, show @ 7 pm)
    Crystal Ballroom - 55 Davis Square

Artist's Statement

My interest in art revolves around my love for characters, nature, and immersive stories.  My goals are to make people smile at the strange and unfamiliar. My process involves transforming discarded materials into something new. While my main focus is costume design I also love to learn new skills to appease my interest in mixed media. This past year I stepped into the world of painting to bring my original stories into life for my first solo exhibition, “A Sip of Sonder.” Currently, to learn the technique of puppetry, I am building a life size puppet of the Heron from Studio Ghibli’s “The Boy and The Heron.”  Another interest of mine is collaborating with other like minded artists. There is a rush of excitement when finding other creatives who share similar ideas and then working together to create something new.

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