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Art by Vicdan

Vicdan Sanli Elagoz

minimal style deformed forms

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art by somerville artistVicdanSanli Elagoz titledBoundaries of Freedom: Beyond the Canvas
Boundaries of Freedom: Beyond the Canvas Oil Paint 10" x 12
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Events 2024

  • (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    Vernon Street Studios
    6 Vernon Street #23  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

My name is Vicdan. I am an artist born and grew in Turkey. I started my adventure in America in 2023. We needed a new plan because of the economic and political issues in our country. My husband is an American citizen, so it seemed like a smart idea to move here. I did my undergraduate education on graphic design. I completed my master's degree in Art and Design. I have been working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator with various agencies and freelance for 7 years. Art and nature are where I find peace. I love discovering new things in the field of art and nature.
If you want to take a look at my art, instagram: @artbyvicdan

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