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Blue Flame Leather and Accessories

Stephanie Shields

Leather and textile art

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art by somerville artistStephanieShields titledSmall Necklace Pouch
Small Necklace Pouch Pigskin and Cowhide 3 x 3
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Events 2024

  • (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    18 Kenwood Street  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

I primarily work with leather and textiles, but I also enjoy other media, particularly natural materials like metal, stone and wood.

I love plants. I find organic forms beautiful, even spiders and fungi.  Leaves and trees are near and dear to my heart and flowers and their colors inspire me. I also have a great love of architecture and fashion, and they influence me and my designs.  I am especially fond of 19th Century styles.  I enjoy the Steampunk Aesthetic.

I feel strongly about protecting the earth and I try to show that with my work. I incorporate upcycling and recycling where I can, and try to keep my carbon footprint small.

I typically make functional art: bags, belts, boxes, etc. Sometimes I am inspired by an antique button to create a bag to honor that button.  Sometimes the color or texture of a leather hide tells me what it should become, and I do my best to create it.

I try to give away beauty and happiness through my art.

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