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Full of Bull Goods

Marty Freeman

Prints, and digital collage

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art by somerville artistMartyFreeman titled1973
1973 Felt 20 x 8.5
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Events 2024

  • Open Studios (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    Map# 68
    31 Osgood Street #1
    Accessible Location Accessible (self reported)
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Artist's Statement

Two artist home:

1. Marty Freeman 

The desire to create comes from the generations of women who came before me who created out of necessity to provide warmth for thier families through the clothes on thier backs and the quilts on the beds. Their love shone in the care and time to stitch together a thing of beauty. Vintage imagiery inspires me, paired with the techinques my Granny Jennie Pearl showed me growing up. I dabble in a multitude of mediums: block printing, hand sewing, and pyrography in my pursuit to create.


2. Jessica Tanny

Life is most interesting when opposing ideas are juxtaposed to create an entirely new harmonious entity. That's what I'm attempting to capture with my series of digital collages. My sandbox is over 200 years of print and illustration found in many online public domain collections, which I diligently search through to find images that speak to me. In Photoshop I recolor, fix defects, open up space, and then weave multiple images together into fantastical situations. I've been working on my art, called A Congruous Juxtaposition, over the past five years.

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