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Kata Hull

Drawings & mix/media paintings

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art by somerville artistKataHull titledBirds' Eye View
Birds' Eye View oil and mixed media on paper, mounted on wood 30"x22"
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2023 Events

  • In Person (May 6+7, 12-6pm)
    Map#42 11 Miller Street Studios
    11 Miller Street 103  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

Much of my current work is an ongoing series exploring global warming and its consequences.
Environmental protections for clean air, clean water, sustainable land management and renewable energy are being eroded at our peril, as evidenced by increasingly widespread wildfires here in the west and the higher occurrence of extreme weather patterns around the world. 
The reality of our warming planet is gaining traction across the globe, though its causes are still being debated. Perceptions vary, depending on where we live, our news sources, economic security, moneyed interests and, of course, politics.
My recent work looks at the precariousness of our situation. The tactile, hands-on process of drawing and painting, involving a range of movement, materials, textures, and form, helps me express things I’m trying to understand or come to terms with.
Layers of marks, colors, patterns, and imagery invoke elements of earth, water, fire, or air, and the stratification of incremental changes occurring over time - evidence of shifting conditions that can be simultaneously beautiful and perilous.
Like shifts in temperature, shifts in human awareness have consequences. I’m interested in how we perceive things, listen across political divides (or don’t), and how we can continue to survive without trashing one another and the planet.
What we pay attention to matters. Everything is related, often in ways we cannot see - like it or not, we are all in this together.

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