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Jillian Vaccaro

mixed media works

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art by somerville artistJillianVaccaro titledFamily Ties
Family Ties Mixed Media 36x78 inches
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Artist's Statement

My art is an exploration of my long-term memory with a focus on familial relationships. Each work functions as an emotional response to my past, fabricated to depict the fragility and loss that permeates the act of recollecting. Before I begin a new work, I situate my mind in a previous time. I bring myself to this place through writing, reminiscing with loved ones, navigating through souvenirs and familial archives, and revisiting significant environments from childhood and my adult life. When I arrive in the past mentally, I respond with my materials intuitively. 

I use of personal souvenirs in some of my works, functioning as objects of remembrance and assisting my recollections. I share intimate parts of my personal history so that others may feel connected through a similar sense of vulnerability, appreciation, loss, and reflection in their own life.


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