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Piotr Parda

Alternate Realities

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art by somerville artist Piotr  Parda titled  Control Room
Control Room paper, plastic, odd bits, paint 12" x 12" x 12"
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2022 Events

  • In Person 2022 (April 30 + May 1, 12-6pm)
    Brickbottom Artists Building
    1 Fitchburg Street C505 Accessible Location Accessible (self reported)

    Map # 76

Artist's Statement

Am I a poet only because I write words? Am I a neo-minimalist painter only because I covered a canvas with pigment of one color? Am I a sculptor only because I folded a piece of paper in a particular way? Am I a chef because I fixed myself an omelet? Am I an artist because I make useless things? Artists write statements to expose and inflate their identities as much as possible, because that is what is expected of them. I run as far away from identity as possible. Existing in this world is just about enough.

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