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Gaurav Patekar

Kinetic Sculptures

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art by somerville artistGauravPatekar titledFeeling Climate Crisis
Feeling Climate Crisis kinetic sculpture 36"x36"x18"
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Artist's Statement

My practice lies at the intersection of art, science, and design. Much of my work comes out of simple questions such as ‘how can we feel climate data?’ or ‘what would it mean to tell stories through smell?’. I enjoy letting these questions guide my process. Each time the process leads to a different outcome and medium. Some of the recurring media and themes in my work are ecology, data art, kinetic sculptures, interactivity, and whimsy. 

I use a mix of computational fabrication and traditional making techniques. These include 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, electronics, programming, woodworking, drawing, hand building, etc. By combining computational and natural materials, I am able to explore unique aesthetics that emerge.

I am fascinated with the things we can learn from data by engaging with it in an intimate and subjective way. I take inspiration from Giorgia Lupi’s Data Humanism approach to data. I believe using unusual and alternate formats to represent data can help us engage with data in a more emotional and intimate manner. I have explored movement, taste, and smell to communicate data in my work.

Having grown up in a semi-rural region in India and then having lived in urban spaces in India and United States has informed my work in terms of how I think about the connection between society and ecology, and their changing relationship during the ecological crisis. The tension between ecology and society is something I plan to continue exploring for the foreseeable future.


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