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steve imrich

painting and drawing

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art by somerville artiststeveimrich titledSOMERVILLE 1.1
SOMERVILLE 1.1 Oil on Canvas 16" x 12"
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Events 2024

  • Open Studios (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    Map# 52
    11 Miller Street Studios
    11 Miller Street #100  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

Working with observations, memories, reference photos and sketches of environmental circumstances, my work generally focuses on extracting details from daily observations to make new connections. Recent projects are mostly oil painting, graphite drawing and mixed media. I'm especially interested in relationships between natural phenomena and design, and how particular vantages affect characterizations of weather and the unique qualities experienced in a place or situation. I work at the 11 Miller Street Studio building in Somerville.

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