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Janeann Dill, Doktor der Philosophie, MFA

Janeann Dill



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art by somerville artist Janeann  Dill titled  "Hands, Digits, Synapses" CovidSeries, Somerville ArtsCouncil, "TheCollective,Connected&In-Between"
"Hands, Digits, Synapses" CovidSeries, Somerville ArtsCouncil, "TheCollective,Connected&In-Between" Acrylic, pastels, graphite and Projection on Canvas 6' X 12.5'
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2022 Events

  • In Person 2022 (April 30 + May 1, 12-6pm)
    Miller Street Studios
    11 Miller Street Artist Studio 101 (Next to Mailboxes)   [Not reported as Accessible]
    Map # 33
  • Inside-Out Gallery Show (mid-April through mid-May, 2022)
        CVS Windows, One Davis Square

Artist's Statement

I am a concept and research-based fine artist in my creative praxis; in turn, my philosophies are focused on the idea, itself; whether or not it manifests as stasis or in motion.  Mine is a visual language that unveils a palimpsest of thought-experiments that expose visible traces of earlier forms in the process of moving towards a more advanced state.
::: Color is the place where our brain meets the universe. -- Paul Gaugin :::


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