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Mark Kriegsman

Animated light sculptures

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art by somerville artistMarkKriegsman titledInsight Out
Insight Out Wood, mirrors, and animated LEDs 12" x 12" x 30"
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Artist's Statement

My works reflect the patterns, colors, and movements of light found in nature, translated into human-crafted forms.  I try to capture visual elements evoking the rhythms of the natural world, such as the changing of the seasons, and elemental forces, such as water, wind, and fire.  

By transposing these natural patterns into technology and art, I explore the ways that our own hearts and minds are attuned to the rhythms of nature, even when those rhythms are presented in an unexpected context: we are drawn to the light of a fire, even when that fire is mathematically simulated and depicted in glowing LEDs.  My work invites the viewer into soothing experiences that are mesmerizing perhaps exactly because of the deep connections between the natural world and the human psyche.

My light art has been exhibited at festivals around the world, including Burning Man, Electric Forest, Maker Faire, Firefly, and Figment.

I am also the co-author, with Daniel Garcia, of popular Open Source software (“FastLED” ), which has helped tens of thousands of other artists create art installations and works of light.  Our code can be found in everything from art cars to custom glowing mermaid tails, from TV shows to the Cirque du Soleil LIGHT club in Las Vegas.

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