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Gail Zwerling

Expressive Paintings

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art by somerville artistGailZwerling titledPortrait of a Checkered Dress
Portrait of a Checkered Dress Oil on Canvas 52"h x 21"w
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Artist's Statement

I have always been drawn to portraits - I love the moment when the likeness of my subject suddenly gels on the canvas. I look at people a lot, and I am mindful of the way people are looking at themselves, capturing selfies with the readily available cameras on our phones. My portraits riff on the idea of a selfie, often incorporating the phone/camera that feels like an extension of the self.
My work incorporates both minimalism and abundance. Monochrome washes in conversation with thick paint applications. Capturing a likeness with the utmost simplicity and lavishing on paint for the beautiful textiles. Transparent and opaque.
I have studied painting and graphic design at the Mass College of Art and at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, including with Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz. I also work for a small consulting firm that does interpretive planning for museums and cultural institutions.

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