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Erin Naomi Burrows

Paintings and Poetics

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art by somerville artistErin NaomiBurrows titledVulnerability is a Virtue
Vulnerability is a Virtue watercolor 5x7
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Artist's Statement

Erin Naomi (Bunny) Burrows is a communicator by trade and artist by trial/tribulation. She believes that creativity can address our most pressing concerns of accessibility, inclusion, and equity. Erin's work centers introspection and interdependence with the grace and grit of queer femme-inity. Watercolor's untamability alongside precise use of text creates a delicate map of power. In a world calloused by white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism, these painted poems serve as a portal to both our fortitude and accountability. Claiming our capacity for transformation, they gesture at trauma recovery, grief, resilience, parenting ourselves and showing up in community with intentionality. This project is grounded in the belief that loving ourselves and each other well is profound medicine — in times of both flailing and flourishing. 

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