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Jennifer Erbe


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art by somerville artistJenniferErbe titledSemblance
Semblance archival inkjet print
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Events 2024

  • (May 4+5, 12-6pm)
    Washington Street Studios
    321 Washington Street 8  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

I am a photographer and mixed media artist. Having a background in both science and art, I often see the world through a dual perspective. I am attracted to both the natural and industrial areas around me, and frequently explore the juxtaposition of city and nature through my work. Mostly I make photographs because I am curious. I ask a lot of questions when walking around – How would this look up close? How do these things go together? My camera serves as my collaborator, as we see the world through a variety of filters, both tangible and intangible. The translation my camera makes of the world helps me to better understand it. 

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