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MJ Rotchford

Sculpture, mixed media

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art by somerville artist MJ  Rotchford titled  Building Materials Obsession in Segments
Building Materials Obsession in Segments Electrical conduit, aluminum pot lid, lightbulb stem, wire H 6' x W 2 1/2 '
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Artist's Statement

The found object art is driven by the abundance of and access to like-new, interesting materials discarded by businesses and individuals in the area. Metals from truck routes are the other side of the coin, being weatherbeaten and deformed. Access to maker space scrap bins, trash, and various dumpsters (with permission of course) make it impossible to resist experimenting.

My carving may be figurative or abstract depending on the medium. Figurative modeling is something I've practiced since childhood. I learned mold-making in art school and have cast small sculptures in wax, aluminum, bronze, plaster and concrete.

Collecting and sorting laser scrap has been an obsession since joining the Artisan's Asylum in 2015. The beauty in the shapes of each artist's designs and how the software arranges the cuts provides fantastic opportunities for composition. Sorting the pieces is meditative and the results are gratifying.

I am a re-emerging artist. I graduated with a BFA in sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art in 1980. Since then there have been two brief periods when I could sustain the precious balance of work/life/art long enough to bring my work into the public domain. The third time is the charm!

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