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Jenn Wood Art + Photography

Jenn Wood

Painting/MM & Photography

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art by somerville artistJennWood titledLifting Storm
Lifting Storm Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas 30 x 40"
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Artist's Statement

Much of my art is informed by nature, often the precious resource of water. The work frequently symbolizes layers of visual and sensory memories or dreams. Varied elements of texture, color, line and light are employed, creating compositions relative to nature and the environment. Whether it is a painting, photograph, or mixed media piece I seek to expand the boundaries of traditional processes, reflecting my disposition of inquisitive exploration. Diverse media relate to myriad examples of nature’s creations that are under severe attack by manmade threats, and also allude to nature’s generous brilliance in abundant forms. The concepts of renewal and decay influence my work, as do wabi sabi, intimate immensity and surrealism. I invite you to explore and enjoy my work, and welcome productive comments. 

My art practice spans many years. It has evolved through production of countless series with diverse media. I consider my work to be a healthy addiction to important, challenging and enjoyable art processes. Becoming interested in art at an early age, I was influenced by my creative parents, grandparents and cousins. I'm grateful my family encouraged me to be a creative maker and independent thinker.

Work is included in several permanent museum collections in NYC, Los Angeles, the Boston area, and Connecticut. Private and corporate collections also own and collect my art work. For many years my work has been selected by outstanding curators and jurors for museum and gallery exhibitions throughout the country. Awarded artist residencies include the C-Scape Dune Shack, by the Provincetown Compact (MA), and Artist in Residence at The Plumbing Museum (MA). Please see my website for a CV.

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