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Donna Gordon

Monotype, Painting, Drawing

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art by somerville artist Donna  Gordon titled  Broken Beauty I
Broken Beauty I Monotype 22 x 30
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2022 Events

  • In Person 2022 (April 30 + May 1, 12-6pm)
    Mixit Studios / Mixit Print Studio
    32 Clifton Street   [Not reported as Accessible]
    Map # 19

Artist's Statement

I’m both a visual artist and fiction writer.    My visual art is often driven by the desire to tell a story.  Much of my work is based on the human figure—its shape and awe and definition.  I generally work large, 24 x 36, and increasingly larger.  I’m both a painter and printmaker. Painting is focused now on the figure in the landscape. I work with acryla-gouache on paper.  I also work with watercolor. Two printmaking series in progress are: “Broken Beauty,” a series of figurative monotypes, and “Double Vision,” a series of lithographs.  My work can be seen at Galatea Fine Art, SOWA, Boston.

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