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REcycle, REmake, REimagine

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art by somerville artist Brickbottom  Gallery titled  Matthew T. Lazure
Matthew T. Lazure broken glass, eggshell, acrylic, oxidized iron on found image 12.25 x 9.75

2021 Events

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Artist's Statement

The BAA Members’ Exhibition is REcycle, REmake, REimagine

Artists are the original reinventers, finding great objects and materials in the trash and recycle bins around town, remaking old clothing, or reworking old paintings, everyday discards become something new and unique! Two and 3-D objects, paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture and collage will be included in this fun and timely show.    

Although the Brickbottom Gallery is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, this exhibit is scheduled from April 15 - May 15. Please keep checking the Somerville City website for updated information and changes.Please visit Brickbottom's Virtual Gallery, at

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