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Kerrie Kemperman

solargraphs, b/w, cyanotypes

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art by somerville artist Kerrie  Kemperman titled  Extra-Ordinary
Extra-Ordinary scanned solargraph triptych (made with pinhole camera direct to paper negatives) 18" x 7.5"

2021 Events

  • Inside Out Gallery (through May 16, 2021)
        1 Davis Square (CVS windows)
        Artist Listing

Artist's Statement

I'm drawn to the natural world, to hidden or ignored places, and to spaces humans abandon. I make pinhole cameras from discarded cans and tins (with paper negatives) to capture solargraphs, which illustrate the changing path of the sun over a period of time — usually several months or years. I also use film cameras like the Brownie Hawkeye, Holga, and Sprocket Rocket. Aside from B/W prints, I make cyanotypes, using anything from found objects and plants to enlarged or collaged negatives. These antique processes show how much can be captured using the most basic tools. 

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