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Jocelyn Shu

Text and wire sculptures

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art by somerville artist Jocelyn  Shu titled  81 Chapters (installation view)
81 Chapters (installation view) Cut text, wire, glue

2021 Events

  • Inside Out Gallery (through May 16, 2021)
        1 Davis Square (CVS windows)
        Artist Listing

Artist's Statement

For several years, I have been working on a sculptural series called 81 Chapters.  In this series, I cut text and use wire to turn the text into sculptural pieces.  I was inspired to start this series during a visit to Taiwan, where my family is from.  On this island, there are numerous temples that are rooted partly in Taoism.  The pieces are cut from translated chapters of the Tao Te Ching, with each chapter forming a sculptural piece.  These pieces hang from the ceiling or on the wall, and sit on the ground.  They are intended to interact with each other and the space they are in.  

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