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Arturo Deza

Artificial Expressionism

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art by somerville artist Arturo  Deza titled  Mar de PerĂº
Mar de PerĂº Oil on Canvas 36" x 72"

Artist's Statement

My characters are shape, color and texture. 

They are also you and me.

But you could say they are close friends, rivals, lovers, objects and places. 

That know about love and about loss.

They find their own ways to show their deep sorrows.


About the Artist: Arturo Deza was born in Lima, Peru in 1990. Arturo was always fond of the American Dream as he was raised in North Bethesda, Maryland as a boy from 1992-1998 when his family fled the country to escape from the Peruvian Dictatorship of the 90’s. In 1998 he moved back to Lima, Peru where he attended Colegio Peruano Britanico -- an international british school that gave him his first exposure to painting which he pursued vividly during his last 2 years of high school from 15 to 16. It was at this age that he experienced an untameable passion for engineering, leaving the arts and majoring in Robotics at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Peru. He then moved to Santa Barbara, CA to pursue a Ph.D. in Dynamical Neuroscience from the University of California Santa Barbara, where he learned how to surf, and began painting again during his last year of graduate school after a 13 year hiatus. Now at 30, he is currently a PostDoctoral Research Scientist at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he works on making robots see like humans.


He currently lives in Somerville, Massachusetts where he sporadically surfs and paints on the weekends.


Artist Training: Informally trained as a student of John Tarzian (USA).


Modern Artistic Influences: Tom White (New Zealand), Sophie von Hellermann (Germany), Urban Graffiti (Lima, Peru)


Classical Artistic Influences: Fernando de Szyszlo (Peru), Clyfford Still (USA), Gerhard Richter (Germany), Enrico Donati (Italy), Wassily Kandinsky (Russia), René Magritte (Belgium), Henri Matisse (France), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (France), Pablo Picasso (Spain), Salvador Dalí (Spain), Vincent van Gogh (Netherlands), Leonardo da Vinci (Italy).

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