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Dan Goldberg

Oil & Acrylic paintings


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art by somerville artistDanGoldberg titledUno
Uno Oil on Wood Panel 12" x 16"
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Artist's Statement

I believe there is more to being an artist than just creating. This belief incorporates seeing, feeling and doing in a more humane and ethical way. 

During my decade’s long career, I have been inspired by the truths of nature. Nature never lies. My role as an artist is to take those truths and interpret them in a personal and profound way through the dramatic use of color, movement and texture. 

Oil paint with its rich and lush consistency allows me to explore and transform the canvas into a vibrant abstract language.

Artists who have had an impact on my work are Gerhard Richter, Howard Hodgkin, Mark Rothko, Franz Marc, Henri Matisse and Georgia O’Keefe. 

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