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Airflow Kinetics

MezMirage Kinetic Sculptures

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art by somerville artist   Airflow Kinetics titled  MezMirage With Rainbow Effects
MezMirage With Rainbow Effects Airflow & Millions of Polystyrene Spheres 19 feet Tall by 4 ft Long by 2 ft Deep

Artist's Statement

Airflow Kinetics designs and creates medium to large scale colorful kinetic airflow sculptures known as MezMirages using airflow and literally millions of small polystyrene spheres to create truly mesmerizing art installations. These amazing kinetic sculptures combine art and the science of fluid dynamics and flow visualization to create a wide variety of illusionary effects all in one device including “dry” fountains, fire, colorful drifting mist, snow, boiling magma, waterfalls, rising and falling currents of color, and more. MezMirages are bespoke creations, customized in size and design to be site responsive for locations such as building lobbies, hotels, airports, museums, and other public buildings and venues. Prebuilt MezMirages are also available for festivals and other short term art rental installations. 

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