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WholeTone Music Academy

WholeTone Music Academy: Grow in Self & Sound. In addition to performing and teaching, many of our Teaching Artists also create visual art and merchandise, as showcased today. We offer a variety of music lessons for all levels and abilities.

WTMA Merchandise & Art


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art by somerville artistWholeTone Music Academy titledKass Melo (she/her)
Kass Melo (she/her) Voice, Guitar, & Beginning Piano
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Artist's Statement

WTMA is a collective of musical teaching artists who perform and teach in Somerville at Connexion, as well as the wider Boston area, The Valley, and abroad. We offer a wide variety of music lessons, including voice, violin, piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, oud, ney, Voice Movement Therapy, gender-affirming voice, and YogaVoice. We have cultivated a LGBTQ+ affirming environment since our formation in 2015. Many of our teachers combine mind-body and somatic modalities with music lessons for all ages. We will be showcasing our teachers' and students' musical talents as well our visual & tactile art pursuits for SOS 2023. We will also be offering 10min mini music lessons on a variety of instruments. Learn more: 

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