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Deborah Peeples

:Colorful Abstract Paintings

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art by somerville artist Deborah  Peeples titled  Hurry Up and Wait
Hurry Up and Wait Pigmented beeswax on panel 30"x30"
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Artist's Statement

Painting is my sensual response to the world, a time-release recording of the sounds, smells, and intensity of a moment. Abstraction is a language that traces my inner turbulence and exuberance.  

The natural translucent materials of beeswax and damar contain a lush baroque beauty. Mixing pigments, playing with opacity, heating the panel, always touching, breathing the smell of the hot beeswax, brings a slowness and intimacy to the process. The work is layered, incised, inlaid, and scraped; lines cut into the surface, either sharp or blurred, feel alternately vulnerable and impenetrable. Humor and playfulness are found in the saturated, syncopated color and jostling shapes that play off an underlying grid.  These juxtapositions create imbalance, insecurity, and surprise, a metaphor for human interaction.

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