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Kelvy Bird

Abstract, intimate mark-making

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art by somerville artist Kelvy  Bird titled  Pulse 114
Pulse 114 Gouache on Panel 12"x12"

2021 Events

Artist's Statement

By exploring interior landscapes, I seek to wrap my heart around the complexities of our times and induce reflection. All my efforts, in whatever form they take, are in service of surfacing latent, intuited, potential.

My art aims to convey how our perceptions can both inhibit and free us, depending on our orientation. I paint in series, producing pieces that sit together in combination or stand-alone. For over 10 years, my "Pulse" paintings have addressed the bloom and receding of presence. With COVID-19 distancing, my inquiry has shifted to the nature of joining - the longing that can come from separation and the blended, unclear boundaries when we finally meet.

My art is in private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

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