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Tom Wojciechowski

Two projects in pastel

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art by somerville artistTomWojciechowski titledBurst 1
Burst 1 pastel on paper 19 x 24
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2023 Events

  • In Person (May 6+7, 12-6pm)
    Map#65 Mad Oyster Studios
    2 Bradley Street loft 4  
    [Not reported as Accessible]
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Artist's Statement

Bursts of Color

I had a macular hole in my right eye. As a result, I had a sometimes spectacular light show in my damaged eye—beautiful circular bursts of colors, with inspiring afterimages that I recorded on paper with pastels. After surgery, the flashes abated but returned as less than circular creatures. In the reprise, the drawings combined several bursts on a single page with a more expressionistic interpretation. The third phase of this project incorporated a more free-form juxtaposition of the biomorphic forms with geometric shapes.

A Glass of Water Variations

Like music, I structured this series of pastels and watercolors on repetition and variation. A single subject matter lending itself to interest in portraying transparency, reflection, and distortion offers a range of possible outcomes. Not strictly coherent or realistic, the variations take parts of the visual experience apart and put them back together with heightened color and added texture.

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