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Jillian Audrey Photography

Jillian Melnyk

Colorful travel photography

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art by somerville artist Jillian  Melnyk titled  Duxbury
Duxbury Archival Photography Print

Artist's Statement

I'm a Boston-based photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around me. I'm constantly on the hunt for new locations that take my breath away and make my heart skip a beat. 

I think every picture holds a story... my goal is to share that story. I'm most drawn to old and abandoned places that hold deep, rich history. Whether it is an abandoned farmhouse or a crumbling factory, I am fascinated with the way that nature reclaims her space as man-made structures fall into disrepair. I hope that my work will spark a memory from a cherished place you've been, inspires wanderlust, or just brings you a bit of joy. 

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